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Important Notice on Beta versions

From now on, the released (tested and stable) beta-versions will be published at the product web-site download page. If you are interested in trying out our weekly builds, please read the section below.

Weekly Developer Builds information

We have launched a separate site where you can find the weekly developer builds. Only install them if you want to test the most recent features as they are being implemeted. The builds listed there might only have partial functionality for some new or transitional features and are uploaded before they are tested inside ReGet Software. USE THESE BUILDS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Our support department is also unable to provide support for the DevBuilds, however will take note of the bugs submitted. Proceed to

Product Info

ReGet Deluxe 5.2
Date: 07/07/2008
Download (2.5 Mb)

ReGet Junior 2.3.266 Beta
Date: 11/05/2007
Download (2.6 Mb)

ReGet Pro 3.4
Date: 12/07/2006
Download (1.5 Mb)


Which one out of three best downloaders to choose -- ReGet Junior, ReGet Pro or ReGet Deluxe? Complete side-by-side comparison.

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14 Aug 2008
Firefox inegration plugin updated

08 Jul 2008
ReGet Deluxe 5.2 updated

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